Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a new residential Furnace or Air Conditioner cost?
  • Gas Forced Air Furnaces range in price from $2000-$8000.
  • Air Conditioners range from $3000-$9000
  • Heat Pumps range in price from $4000-$10,000
  • Boilers range in price from $3500-$12,000
  • Electric Furnaces range in price from $1500-$7500
Can you quote me a price over the phone?

No, but we can give you the “ball park” if you have an idea of specifically what you need.

Why is there such a wide range of prices?

There are many variables that affect the price of a new piece of equipment. There are many different manufactures, sizes, efficiency levels, and accessories. Other variables include the location of the installation (is it in an attic, a closet or an open basement?), as well as the complexity of the duct work revisions necessary to adapt a modern system into an existing system. The location of the exhaust pipes, the condensate drains etc. all play a factor in determining the price. Estimates are ALWAYS FREE at A&P Furnace Co. so please call today and schedule an appointment with one of our Qualified Technicians so we can talk with you and work together to find a comfort solution that fits your specific needs.

Can you sell me parts or equipment over the counter?

No. Manufactures do not allow independent dealers like A&P Furnace Co. to sell their equipment over the counter. Our technicians undergo extensive factory training in order to install and service the products we offer in compliance with all manufacturer specifications. We strongly discourage anyone without proper education, training, and certification to attempt to service, repair, or install heating and cooling equipment.

Do you sell Service Agreements or Maintenance contracts?

Yes! We offer several different Service Agreements that give our loyal customer base lower energy bills, longer equipment lift, preventative maintenance required by manufacturer warranties, peace of mind no hassle scheduling, convient monthly payments, as well as discounts on service repairs, filters and humidifier pads, and priority scheduling. Please Call Today and one of our friendly staff can help you select the best Service Agreement for you.

Do you build Ductwork?

Yes! We have a complete HVAC specific custom sheet metal shop. All of our ductwork is built in-house to the exact customized needs of your installation. We do not buy “off the shelf” pieces of ductwork and attempt to make them work for you. Air flow is critical for the proper performance of modern forced air equipment and our sheet metal experts have the experience and knowledge to build a proper duct system to ensure maximum life expectancy of your equipment as well as properly balanced air distribution.

Are you hiring?

Yes. We are always in search of qualified individuals to work in the areas of Installation, Service, Sales, Office Support, and Weatherization. The average employee tenure of our current staff is 11.5 years which is a testament to the positive culture we have created and embraced at A&P Furnace Co. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or an entry level Technical School graduate, we are interested in hearing from you. Click on the “Employment” Tab at the top of the page to find out more.

What does the A&P stand for?

   That remains a bit of a mystery… The easy answer is “Atlantic and Pacific” referring to the national grocery chain owned by The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company. They were very popular in the Pittsburgh market at around the time A&P Furnace Co. was found by Wayne Thomas in 1947.

   The other school of thought is that Wayne being the business savvy entrepreneur that he was, looked to capitalize on a familiar household name that had a definite marketing advantage in the best media of the times…the Phone Book. For the millennials reading this, there was a time when customers opened their trusty Yellow Pages when they were in search of business to provide a service. Long before Google, Angies List, and Facebook customers flipped to an industry specific section of the book and looked for a company to call. The advantage Wayne recognized was that the “A’s” came first, and more often then not customers called the first company they could find. This is why you now see so many companies with “A” or “AAA” as the leading part of their business name. Perhaps the true meaning is a little bit of both, but the truth is no one is really sure. Nevertheless, we still enjoy the debate everytime the subject comes up.

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